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Washington D.C., DC, USA
Event Details

Following its highly successful debut in 2016, REDmoney is pleased to announce its second Sovereign Sukuk Dialogue taking place on the 21st October 2019 in Washington DC

The last Sovereign Sukuk Dialogue clearly revealed a strong push toward sovereign issuances particularly in non-traditional markets. Be it for infrastructure spending or to advance Islamic finance ambitions, an increasing number of debt management offices (DMOs) are looking seriously at the prospect of raising capital via Sukuk.

Held alongside the IMF World Bank meetings, this highly acclaimed dialogue will once again provide an avenue to exchange views and gather feedback on sovereign participation in the Sukuk market and raise public debt via Sukuk issuance. The dialogue is meant to drive in-depth discussions and provide an issuer’s roadmap which will ultimately lead to concrete solutions for potential sovereign issuers.

Who should attend and Why?
The Sovereign Sukuk Dialogue is timed to coincide with the IMF World Bank annual meetings and will be attended by senior debt management officials and finance ministers from countries considering issuing Shariah compliant paper attending the IMF World Bank meetings.

This is the only event of its kind to address specific issues and challenges faced by DMOs when embarking on an issuance. New issuers find the dialogue to be enormously useful in its depth and coverage and welcome the opportunity to meet and engage with senior practitioners with in-depth sovereign Sukuk expertise. It affords DMO officials contemplating an issuance the crucial opportunity to provide scenarios, solicit honest feedback and ask tough questions in a closed setting without media scrutiny.

The dialogue is a rare opportunity to discuss, debate, analyze and examine issues affecting sovereign issuers. It is a unique platform to share concerns with those in the room and an ideal setting to discuss potential collaboration. No other forum or formal meeting comes close to meeting the needs of DMOs or providing such an avenue for in-depth and candid discussions.

Attendance to the dialogue is by invitation only and exclusive to potential sovereign Sukuk issuers.

A Refined Focus for 2019:
- Tailor-made exclusively for new and potential issuers taking initial steps in drafting regulations enabling a sovereign issuance
- Increased networking opportunities built in during the event
- The opportunity to set up one-to-one meetings on the sidelines
- In conjunction with the IFN Americas Forum, to run in the same venue, after lunch

The dialogue adopts a Chatham House format designed to increase the openness of the discussion. Anyone who attends the dialogue is free to use the information from the discussion but is not allowed to reveal or attribute comments made.

The dialogue format provides for a free-flowing discussion within the parameters of a pre-agreed agenda. Much of the work is done in the planning stage of the dialogue to ensure that the four hours spent at the dialogue is maximized.

Three weeks before the dialogue, feedback and specific questions from each DMO official are compiled. A draft agenda is then formulated based on this feedback and circulated to participating service providers for their further input. REDmoney will then facilitate a conference call between all service providers to set the scene and provide sponsors the opportunity to deliberate the flow of discussion, key discussion points and content of their respective presentations.

A pre-dialogue meeting will also be held on site for sponsors a day prior to go through final briefing points.