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Hotel Laras Asri Resort and Spa, Jalan Jendral Sudirman, Ledok, Salatiga City, Central Java, Indonesia
Event Details

Halalan Thayyiban As New Wave In Global Industry and Society 5.0

Sub Theme
• Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
• Zakat and Waqf Management
• Zakat and Waqf FinTech
• Zakat and Social Finance
• Zakat and Taxation
• Accounting Zakat and Waqf
• Fiqh Muamalat
• Islamic Banking and Finance
• Halal Management
• Halalan Thoyyiban Industry
• Islamic Financial Inclusion
• Strategic Planning
• Islamic Marketing
• Corporate Governance & Syariah Governance
• Economic Development
• Islamic Monetary Policy
• Green Economics
• Islamic Entrepreneur
• Maqoshid Syariah in Islamic Economics
• Small and Medium Enterprises
• Islamic Consumer Behaviour
• Business Ethics

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