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Mövenpick Hotel and Convention Centre KLIA, Jalan Masjid Klia, Selangor, Sepang, Selangor, Malaysia
Event Details

Faculty of Economics and Muamalat, Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM) will organize the 8th International Islamic Economic System Conference (i-iECONS) 2019 at Movenpick, KLIA MALAYSIA from 23 to 24 October 2019. The 8thi-iECONS 2019 theme is “Sustainable Social and Economic Wellbeing”. The conference is held once every two years and amongst its objectives is to catalyze on policy, strategy and action plans in economic, muamalat, banking, finance and accounting based on Shariah principles and laws; mobilizing all resources and experts to disseminate information on the opportunities and potentials in Islamic Economic System.


1. Economics
• Economic System
• Economic Growth and Development
• Socio-economics Issues
• Islamic Economics
• International Economics and Trade
• Halal/Green Economics
• Digital Economy
• Other Related Economics Issues

2. Accounting and Corporate Governance
• Financial Accounting and Reporting
• Auditing and Assurance
• Corporate Governance
• Corporate Social Responsibility
• Accountability and Governance of Non-Profit Organization
• Other related Accounting and Corporate Governance Issues

3. Banking, Finance and Investment
• Islamic Banking and Finance
• Social Finance and Micro Finance
• Public, Corporate and International Finance
• Risk Management
• Investment Fund Behaviour
• Insurance/Takaful
• Other related Banking, Finance and Investment Issues

4. Business, Management and Entrepreneurship
• Human Capital Development
• Digital Technology and Database Management
• Operational and Supply Chain Management
• Organizational Behaviour
• Strategic Management
• Social Entreprise
• Islamic Entrepreneurship
• Other related Business, Management and Entrepreneurship Issues

5. Marketing
• Islamic Marketing
• Product Development and Brand Management
• Consumer Behaviour
• Integrated Marketing Communication
• Services Marketing
• Green Marketing
• Strategic Marketing
• Other related Marketing Issues

6. Other Related Areas