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Pearl Continental Hotel Lahore, Mall Road, Lahore, Pakistan
Event Details

Global Forum on Islamic Finance (GFIF) 2020 being organized on March 25-26, 2020 for two days promises to be yet another outstanding event like the previous GFIFs that will enlarge the research sphere by providing international research cooperation and exposure. The eighth GFIF will have the honor to host leading researchers not only from Pakistan but a unique mix of unexcelled gurus of Islamic Finance from different parts of the world will deliberate and enlighten the audience with their notion on the theme “Islamic Finance - A Socially Responsible and Sustainable Paradigm”.

The theme of GFIF 2020 also invites academicians, researchers, professionals and a growing worldwide industry of Islamic banking to explore the likely impacts of Islamic Finance on sustainable world. The event will provide a platform for dynamic collaboration among the national and international institutions and participants to foster research and capacity building in the area of Islamic economics and finance.

The aim of GFIF is not limited just to the hosting of the conference, but it is hoped that the insights gained from panel discussions, policy round table meeting and workshops at GFIF would lead would lead to solutions of issues and challenges of Islamic banking industry . GFIF is designed to offer to the participants an opening to share the current knowledge in the sphere of Islamic Finance both in regional and global context. Since GFIF is going to be an international event, the planning and arrangements for the conference are designed to meet the international standards.

• Promote better understanding and application of Islamic finance in the light of contemporary needs
• Solutions according to principles and spirit of Islamic Finance
• Platform for Islamic banking professionals to build network under a global umbrella
• Standardization of Shariah principles that would lead to harmonization of the capital markets industry
• Creating a liaison between academica, entrepreneurs and industry professionals

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