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Graha Sanusi Hardjadinata, Jalan Dipati Ukur, Lebak Gede, Bandung City, West Java, Indonesia
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Currently, the world is entering the fourth industrial revolution (4.0). This transformation has been changing how businesses work in all sectors, including the Islamic social finance industry. To reap the benefits that the revolution can bring, social finance institutions, especially zakat institutions would have to understand not only the advantages of implementing a particular technology but also how it will impact their businesses.

Next generation technologies such as Robotics Process Automation (RPA), artificial intelligence (AI), and the internet of things (IoT) is driving the next industrial revolution. With so many different types of this new generation technologies available, it is difficult to ascertain which ones will be best suited to support the Islamic social finance industry. Beyond understanding how a piece of technology works, Islamic social finance institutions especially zakat institutions, need to keep in mind the impact of technology in relation to the regulations and fiqh governing zakat, as well as its impact to the ummah.

To answer this challenges, the 3rd International Conference of Zakat (ICONZ) aims at bringing scholars and practitioners together to discuss the use and impact of the latest technology in Zakat management, as well as the collaborative processes and strategies of Zakat -related stakeholders.

Main theme:
Zakat 4.0 Empowering Ummah using Technology based Intervention and Collaboration

Areas of Interest (but not limited to):
• The Use and Potential of Artificial Intelligence in Zakat Management.
• The Use and Potential of Blockchain Technology in Zakat Management.
• Fiqh Considerations related to the Use of New Technology in the Management of Zakat.
• Digital Marketing of Zakat.
• New Models of Digital Zakat Collection.
• Zakat Robo-Advisor.
• The Nexus among Zakat, Technology, and Poverty.
• Disclosure and Transparency of Zakat Management in the Digital Age.
• Risk Management of Digital Zakat Management.
• Institutional Complementarity in Zakat Management.
• Data and Resources Collaboration in Zakat Management.
• Policy, Regulations and the Role of Government in the Development of Zakat in the Digital Era.
• Islamic Philanthropy, Social Finance and Social Enterprise for Sustainable Development of the Nation.
• Other related issues.

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