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European Convention Center Luxembourg (ECCL), 4 Place de l'Europe, 1499 Luxembourg, Luxembourg District, Luxembourg
Event Details

The Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) is pleased to announce the second annual Sukuk Summit to be held in Luxembourg in partnership with the Ministry of Finance of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

The Summit will bring together Government Ministers, Central Bank Governors, business leaders, academics and industry experts to discuss global developments in the Sukuk-led Islamic Capital Markets and the synergies with the European financial industry. It will feature keynote speeches as well as dedicated panel discussions on Green Sukuk and sustainable financing, on the role of Fintech in Sukuk and on building partnerships with the public sector.

Given the growing global interest in environmental and social investment, as well as in impact investment, the 2nd Sukuk Summit aims to explore the latest trends in sustainable financing and Islamic Finance and will discuss how to leverage capital markets to finance sustainable development towards achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

As a leading international financial centre in the heart of Europe and a global hub for sustainable financing, Luxembourg is an ideal location to host the second edition of the ISDB’s Sukuk Summit.

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